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SPECIAL EVENT!!!!    Comedian    KILLER BAEZ    In case you missed him on The Nashville Network, Showtime  or  Entertainment Tonight See Him Live IN Savannah, Appearing April 25th at 8pm   Tickets are $20 for Regular seating and $25 for VIP           For tickets order online at www.clubone-online.com/shop or phone 314-503-9005

To say Killer Beaz grew up different is an understatement!  At the age of four, he lived in a funeral home, where he learned that he could make the “sad people” he saw, laugh and smile.  At the tender age of 10, Beaz began an eight year run as a competition pistol shooter.  By the time he was 17, he was running 911 calls in an emergency ambulance, as well as being an apprentice embalmer.  On his 21st birthday, he took up blues guitar, drawn to the emotional content of the art form.  “I believe musicians can be the greatest communicators, because they touch our hearts without the restraints of language, or visual effects”.  Beaz, as his friends call him, played lead guitar.  One night, while playing a solo, someone shouted- “that was Killer, Beaz!” THE NAME STUCK!  When he made the move to the comedy stage, he took the name with him.

Biker bars, pool halls, and Blues rooms were the only venues available in his home state of Mississippi. He did them all. During his first 317 performances on what he calls the “Chitlin Circuit”, Beaz’s KILLER stage presence was quite obvious.  He was named Showtime Cable Networks’ “Funniest Person in Mississippi” three years running.

After years of “trial by fire” in the worst stand-up environments on the planet, Beaz traveled to Chicago, where he saw his first live comedian, Jay Leno.  While Leno’s performance was awesome, Beaz was equally thrilled to discover that there were places people came for the sole purpose of seeing stand-up comedy!  Within months, Beaz had relocated to Nashville, Tennessee.

Beaz has made numerous appearances on such networks and television/radio shows as Showtime, Entertainment Tonight, Comedy Central, A&E , CMT, The Nashville Network, Speed Channel, Outdoor Channel, Bob & Tom, John Boy & Billy, Rick & Bubba,  Big D and Bubba, Bob & Sheri, Phil Valentine, Taste of Country Nights, XM/Sirius Comedy, XM/Sirius Blue Collar Radio, WTF with Marc Maron, CNN, Turner South, ESPN, GAC, The Lia show and E!  He has also been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, Southern Magazine, USA Today, & Country Weekly.

Killer Beaz continues to use his formula of high energy with universal appeal as one of the nation’s top comics.  He recently released a new CD with Warner Bros., which is home to his pals, the Blue Collar Comedy guys.  Don’t miss an opportunity to catch “The Best Buzz in Town”...You’ll be stung for life!

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