February 10th

Okay SAVANNAH! Prepare your laugh box and clean your ears because Ron Feingold is busting in this February 10th! 

Tickets are going quick! - Regular and VIP can be purchased online at:

Tickets are available online below or at the door!

Give us a call or text at

Tickets are
$10 for Stadium Seating and $15 for VIP 
What is Comedy A Cappella? Comedy A Cappella is the creation of Orlando, Florida based comedian & entertainer Ron Feingold. It's a blend of traditional stand-up comedy and A Cappella music where Ron sings ALL of his own back-ups, lead vocals and even vocal percussion on his new CD Solo Effort. He is literally a one man vocal band, relying only on his voice as his sole instrument to create a truly unique musical comedy experience!
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